Antibacterial fabric the most hygienic fabric


For bacterial treatment, there are two mainstream treat […]

For bacterial treatment, there are two mainstream treatment methods in the market: one is the built-in silver ion antibacterial cloth, which adopts spinning grade antibacterial technology to directly put the antibacterial agent into the chemical fiber; the other is the post-treatment technology, which is added through the fabric subsequent setting process. The process of post-treatment is relatively simple, the cost is simple, and it is operated according to the specific requirements of customers, which is the most widely used one in the market.

The meaning of bacteriostasis

Sterilization: the effect of killing the vegetative and reproductive bodies of microorganisms is called sterilization.

Bacteriostasis: the effect of preventing or inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms is called bacteriostasis.

General name: bacteriostasis and bacteriostasis.

Purpose of bacteriostasis

Because of its porous shape and the chemical structure of polymer, the fabric made of fiber is favorable for microorganism to adhere and become a good parasite for the survival and reproduction of microorganisms. The main purpose of antibacterial fabric is to remove these adverse effects.


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